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Faster DNS lookups with OpenDNS

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

So, first off, what is DNS and why do you care if it’s fast? A crash course in dns is that it changes a nice, memorable name like, oh say, to it’s actual IP address ( in this case). Think of it as flipping through the phonebook to find out somebody’s phone number.

Now, as you are browsing the web sometimes you may notice that it can take quite a while for the page to initiate a connection with the remote server. This can sometimes be caused by a slow response from a dns server so it takes a while for your browser to figure out who to ask for content. Imagine you’re running a server and you are sending out a few thousand emails an hour, as well as pulling in content from multiple sources, and doing reverse lookups on numerous IP addresses. Any slight delay will add up to huge latency over time, and DNS lookups can be quite costly (time-wise).