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BambooInvoice – Free Online Invoicing software

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

If you do any contract work, you’ve probably had the joy of tracking your hours (if you’re still trying to solve that issue, check out my Project Hamster post) and then creating an invoice of some sort for the client. In the past I have tried a couple of solutions such as a creative Excel spreadsheet or creating a new email from scratch each time. I’ve also checked out the online service Blink Sale, but, never really liked the thought of some other company knowing how much I’m billing my clients and making each month. That, and there was the 3 invoices per month limit for the free version.

This is where BambooInvoice steps in. It’s a FOSS solution that you host on your own server. The interface is great, and installation is simple.


Simple Time Tracking with Project Hamster

Friday, June 6th, 2008

If you’re like me, you frequently need to be able to tell people how long a project took, how much time some bug fixes ate out of the day, or what you worked on the past day. I’ve looked around for a quick & simple app to track my time usage and hadn’t come up with a good match until I recently found Project Hamster. My previous main barrier to usage was laziness and wanting a lightweight program to do this simple task. Hamster makes it dead easy to enter time, add new categories / activities and view simple reports.