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Save Your State with Rsnapshot

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

We all know backups are an essential part of running a server. Being able to restore in the worst case scenario of complete drive corruption (let’s say that your RAID setup failed somehow as well) as quickly as possible is key. Another situation could be one of your clients deleted their incredibly important file 3 days ago, but decided to call you about it now.

Rsnapshot is a series of scripts and commands which can automate the process of backing up your files to a remote location, as well as keeping a incremental copy of any changes. I have it set to keep 7 daily copies, 4 weekly copies (on Saturdays) and 6 monthly copies. Now this may sound like it will use up a great deal of disk space, but rsnapshot makes clever use of hard links, which means it only needs to store copies of files that have changed since the last backup as well as aslight overhead. In my case, this means that for every 100 megs that is backed up, on average only 1 extra meg is stored per copy. So, if I had 1GB of data and 17 old versions (7 days + 4 weeks + 6 months) it would require approximately 1.2GB of physical disk space.